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What our Customers say

How I would describe your artic char: salmon that was raised on a diet of butter. - B.


I just wanted to tell how how delicious the Halibut was. Just a bit of crushed pistachios, fresh garlic and olive oil. Pan seared. Was amazing. Thx! - J. 


I've ordered from here twice. First time was sea bass and the second time was halibut. The prices for fresh caught fish are great and it's so nice to have such a varied selection. It is super fresh and so tasty. We like to treat ourselves to it every few months. - B.


Just ate nearly the entire 5lbs of flounder we ordered today!
Hubby ate 3 pieces for lunch and we made another 7 pieces for dinner. Still have some left .. kids are begging me to make it for Shabbos! - D.



My cleaning lady tasted the flounder fish and fell in love. She said she never tasted such good fish in her life. You got another new fan. - T


Once again KosherCatch and Jeffrey Ingber wow us! Look at the beautiful color on that tuna!! And the cod ain't bad either!
Y: It smells just like ocean!

That's what fresh smells like! - S


Thanks Jeffrey for the absolutely BEAUTIFUL fish!! A. made some flounder last night and it was so delicious! No one should miss this opportunity! - S


My husband, who "doesn't really like fish", asked if I minded if he finished off the sockeye salmon I baked last night. Just like me, I think he may have gotten a little carried away with the delicious fish. You have three new fans, if you count our three year old who will also ingest copious amounts of your fish.

Amazing how good healthy, fresh food can taste. - R



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